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Need forty Pashto dictionaries? How about three dozen Korean cassette tape packages? Or maybe your organization needs custom foreign language instruction materials, something only an experienced provider of foreign language services can supply.

Whatever the requirement, WorldWide Language Resources (WorldWide) is your premiere source for language education materials. In addition to individual orders, we source volume discounts on books and other media. Due to our expertise in language education, we can also recommend the most useful language books and materials for your program. We search out hard-to-find materials on obscure languages in the US and overseas. WorldWide is known to corporations, government agencies, and Command Language Program Managers as a top supplier of quality language education materials.

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Literature Lexicons Visual Translator Cards CD Roms
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Please email our Materials Manager for more information. We provide personal, courteous, and efficient service to get our customers the language learning materials they need. A minimum order of $100 excluding shipping costs is required.

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