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Isomersion combines features of isolation and immersion by conducting intensive language study in a rural and comfortable environment where the students and instructor(s) live and study together. This concept was initially developed by WorldWide for language training specific to denied areas such as Persian Farsi in Iran.

An artificial immersion program is created in a remote isolation facility designed to shelter students from everyday distractions. The facility is staffed with native-speaking instructors. Classes are informal in nature with a high degree of one-on-one instruction. Traditional schooling techniques are augmented by role-playing scenarios and practical exercise modules designed specifically to the students' occupational need. This training focuses not only on language skills, but also on culture, customs, history and religions, thereby giving students a greater understanding of the region and its people.

The language learning is supplemented throughout the entire day. Mealtime is a learning tool which replicates a home setting in which native family values, customs and traditions are discussed and experienced. Multimedia resources such as computer learning programs, DVDs, video tapes, foreign TV and radio broadcasts, music, games, and periodicals enhance native traditions and reinforce colloquial skills.

The ideal duration of an isomersion course is thirty days. Classroom time varies between 6-8 hours per day, five days per week. Additional hours of private one-on-one tutoring are included in each program. The cost of an isomersion program includes all instruction, tutoring, books & materials, lodging, 3-meals/day, ground transfers and weekend recreation and excursions.

The WorldWide staff will develop a customized curriculum relying on input and close coordination with the students and/or contracting organization prior to the scheduled course start date. A team of primary and assistant instructors will be built with required background expertise to fulfill the training objectives of your particular organization.

Please contact us for more information on an Isomersion Course to meet your needs.

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