Language Services

WorldWide was formed two decades ago to provide language instruction geared toward Special Operations Forces and has since evolved into a robust, full-service language support company. Our past performance spans the range of operational combat linguists to classroom instructors at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, as well as providing role players and language immersion courses around the world.

WorldWide Written Translation


Accurate, immediate interpretation that captures the communicator’s intent and nuance can mean the difference between mission success and failure. WorldWide interpreters regularly accompany US and Allied forces on the most challenging missions, always remaining with their teammates until mission conclusion. WorldWide only hires the most experienced linguists, with verifiable language skills and experience.

WorldWide Spoken Language Interpreting


WorldWide’s translators grasp the differences among idiomatic expressions throughout the target area. Our translators are more than simply “native speakers”; they understand context, culture, and nuance. WorldWide maintains relationships with thousands of translators both CONUS and OCONUS to provide accurate and certified translation services in dozens of languages covering various subject matter areas.

WorldWide Telephone Interpreting


WorldWide has a long history of providing document and media exploitation at the tactical, operational, and national levels, confirming our ability to rapidly and accurately transcribe all types of source audio materials. We employ the services of a broad network of professional, experienced transcriptionists available for government and commercial work. WorldWide transcriptionists demonstrate the value and importance of providing only the most precise work products for our Clients.

WorldWide Immersion Training

Immersion Training

Immersion training is a unique experience, providing students the opportunity to learn or refine language skills in the context of the target language environment. Immersion language training transforms learning another language as a skill to using another language as a means to communicate and interact in a foreign country. WorldWide has developed long-standing relationships with a network of international schools, universities, and instructors to provide a wide-array of tailorable instruction, arrange accommodations, and plan educational and cultural activities.

Auxiliary, Logistics and Manpower Augmentation Services

WorldWide’s service portfolio includes subject matter experts, and various OCONUS services such as: base operations support, postal operations, and medical and dental services. In addition, we have demonstrated rapid recruiting capabilities across various industries, earning WorldWide a reputation for consistently and competitively delivering personnel with the right skills, on time, to the right venues.

Video Interpreting

Postal Services

Over the last ten years WorldWide has proudly operated up to 26 Army Post Offices (APO) simultaneously throughout Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE and Kuwait for the United States Armed Forces and authorized customers. WorldWide processes, sorts, and distributes all types of mail for thousands of deployed personnel at the highest levels of efficiency, promoting communications, morale and infrastructure of our overseas bases.

Video Interpreting

Recruiting Services

WorldWide’s ability to rapidly recruit, vet and deploy hundreds of highly qualified and highly skilled linguists is an example of how WorldWide uses a quick reaction capability, shifting recruiting strategies to meet diverse client needs. Our recruiting ream diligently analyzes requirements to include: linguists, intelligence analysts, cultural advisors, instructors, postal clerks, medical and dental professionals, managers and more. WorldWide recruiters are some of the most sought-after in the industry due to their success in efficiently identifying, capturing, vetting, and retaining the most qualified candidates. We employ a team of recruiters in our NC headquarters as well as in strategic locations across the globe.

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Consolidated Contractors Clinic

WorldWide owns and operates the consolidated Contractors Clinic at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan to diagnose and treat basic injuries and illnesses. We employ Physicians, Dentists and Nursing Assistants, to conduct contract-required physicals, lab tests, and prescribe medications for our deployed contractors as well as other commercial entities. This service maintains quality of life for our deployed staff as well as other contractor-deployed personnel in need of immediate medical attention.

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Travel Agency

WorldWide is an accredited Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) travel agency with the capability to book travel and accommodations around the world. The Computer Reservation suite, Apollo, provides total access, quality control, and details for all travel requirements (passports, visas, and other entry/immigration paperwork) updated in real time, providing travel agent support 24/7. We accomplish all travel related requirements in strict accordance with the Joint and Federal Travel Regulations.